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ISBN#: (13)978-0-373-77331-2/(10)0-373-77331-5
September 2008
Harlequin Enterprises Limited
225 Duncan Mill Rd, Don Mills, Ontario, Canada M3B 3K9
Trade Paperback
375 Pages
Rating: 5 Cups

Derek Corwin is from Stewart, Massachusetts, whose only real claim to fame is the Corwin Curse. This curse has endured for generations, and the Corwin men bare its brunt. They are destined to lose their fortunes as well as anyone they fall in love with.

Gabrielle Donovan is a very successful author. She writes stories that question and debunk popular myths. This is one subject that has affected her life on a very personal level. She has been in love with Derek Corwin since they were teenagers.

Gabrielle is back in Stewart for the first time in many years. Her decision to return weighs heavily on her heart, but the “what ifs” cannot go on any longer. She wants Derek back in her life, and she is willing to risk everything to make it happen. He was her lover and her best friend, the man no other could measure up to. Derek left Gabrielle the night of their senior prom, and he has never loved anyone since, not even the mother of his child. He loved Gabby so much he had to walk away before the curse could take its toll. He was never going to allow her to become a victim of his family’s curse. But now that she is back, keeping his distance is unbearable. The years have only made her more beautiful and his desire for her unquenchable. However generations of broken Corwin men attest to the validity of the curse. Is Derek strong enough to give up his love a second time, or take the even greater risk of letting Gabby back into his life?

Are Derek and the men in his family truly cursed, or are they victims of a self-fulfilling prophecy? Each incident may seem like a tragic accident or just bad luck, but put them all together and the curse becomes very real for them. I love how this story really makes you wonder if they are in fact horribly unlucky, or if their family has been the target of malicious attacks for generations. Derek is an intelligent, confident man, so how can he believe in something as bizarre as a curse? Gabrielle is a strong and willful woman who will let nothing stand in her way to make Derek see reason. The chemistry between them is fantastic, and the story is told with a fabulous combination of sensuality and humor. I absolutely adored this, and cannot wait for the next two “Lucky” installments of Corwin men.

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