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ISBN# Unavailable
March 2008
Renaissance E-books
56 Pages
BDSM/Gay Romance
Rating: 4 cups

Carl is a sub with a less than pleasant mistress. He has always wanted to be taken sexually by a man, but has never had this particular fantasy fulfilled. He is not really happy with his mistress Lisa, but has stayed because he does not know how to leave her.

Alex is a gay Dom. He has been terribly hurt by someone he loved, and has vowed never to allow another sub into his heart again.

When Carl’s mistress offers him as a sop to Alex’s broken heart, he takes her up on her offer. When she offers to allow Alex to take Carl home with him, Carl has no idea if this is to be permanent or not. At first Carl thinks Alex is a bit cruel, but it does not take long for him to see that Alex’s hard exterior hides a soft emotional side. Will he be able to show Alex what he has come to mean to him? Will Alex let his guard down and allow Carl to soothe the ragged edges of his heart?

Loving Master begins like most stories with BDSM in them; with the Dom exerting control. However, I liked the fact that it was not long before emotions became entangled. Because of this, I think the story is far more realistic than many others I have read, and made it that much more enjoyable. The author has a good grasp of the scene, and did a fantastic job in showing that knowledge, and how everything was consensual. I loved the fact that it was not just sex for these two, even at the beginning, and once their emotions were engaged, the story took off like a rocket. This is a great love story that I am very happy to recommend!

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