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ISBN: 978-1-60313-978-1
September 2007
Whiskey Creek Press / Torid
PO Box 51052, Casper WY 82605-1052
E-Book / Print
$5.49 / $12.95
143 Pages
Erotic Romance Contemporary
Rating: 4 Cups

Jade is on the verge of losing the love of her life. She just cannot take the pain and abuse any longer. Her marriage is in shambles and it is time to let go, even if her heart tells her otherwise.

Gabriel is a very successful musician. He only wishes his marriage was as strong as his career. He can pour out his heart with his music, why is he unable to do the same with his wife.

Jades’ betrayal is the last straw, and Gabriel snaps. Their marriage is finally over; Jade had left. The fact that he still loves her is of little consequence. Jade just cannot take the abuse any longer, so with her daughter Isabella she goes home to her parents. Leaving Gabriel is the hardest thing that she has ever done. She loves that man with every fiber of her being, but their problems have finally become too much to bear. They both need some breathing room to sort out their feelings. To heal they will have to forgive each other as well as themselves, but is it too late? Have they caused each other so much pain that love will never be enough?

This is a powerful story of a marriage marred by the ugliness of abuse. I found myself wanting to dislike Gabriel right away, but the fault is always two sided. Jade’s character is not innocent when it comes to the abuse, although it is more emotional than physical, it is just as destructive. Gabriel lashes back physically, and this sends their marriage into a tailspin. The desire to see these two give each other a second chance is not something I expected to feel at first, but as the story progresses I was cheering them on. Ms. Grace pours her heart and soul into her characters, and this story is a rounding success to her talent.

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