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ISBN# 9781419917813
August 8, 2008
Ellora’s Cave
93 Pages
Rating: 5 cups

Maggie Berman is a resident with a specialty in thoracic surgery. She also happens to be a Submissive, but she keeps that fact carefully under wraps since she knows what could happen to her career if others were to find out.

Eli Calhoun is Maggie’s mentor, and a Dom. He has felt dissatisfied with sex for some time now, wanting something deeper than just sex. He thinks Maggie might fit the bill but does not know what her reaction will be to his lifestyle choices.

When Maggie and Eli lose a patient, Eli knows Maggie needs to relax and let loose and so he takes her dancing, even though he is walking a thin line since they are both colleagues. When Maggie responds to his kiss on the dance floor, Eli cannot stop thinking about her, and no one else will do now. When they lose another patient, Eli again senses Maggie’s hidden emotions and takes her to have drinks, only this time he pushes for more. Will Maggie take him up on his suggestion or run in the other direction?

Loving Control is the best BDSM romance I have read bar none! Quite honestly this is the first time I have seen this lifestyle portrayed the way it should be between a Dom and his Submissive. I loved how their attraction just sparked from the beginning and how loving and tender Eli was towards Maggie, especially when he realized she had not been treated well by a previous Dom. The way that he took control of her without abusing her trust made this story a joy to read. Ms. Jacobs has a way of portraying strong emotions with sex that is truly exceptional. Hotter than firecrackers in July, Loving Control is one book you do not want to miss!

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