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ISBN# 160154104X
August 1, 2007
The Wild Rose Press
204 Pages
Young Adult
Rating: 4 Cups

Melena Russell cannot get up enough nerve to approach Dylan Hart. One look in his direction and he sends electric shocks through her.

Dylan is thinking about going into journalism. He enjoys the time he spends with Melena at the youth camp.

Melena listens to her best friend, April, and heads on a summer vacation to a youth camp in the Cuyamaca Mountains above San Diego. She has been eyeing one guy the whole trip but is too shy to make an introduction. On her last night, she finally faces her fears and makes her introduction. Chad, who is along on the trip with Dylan, tells him that Melena has been checking him out the whole time. Dylan observes her shyness. They go on the hiking trail and then spend some time alone talking. She finds Dylan a guy with substance and hopes they could develop a better relationship, until she gets home and her sister Cassi chimes in, spending time with Dylan. Melena would like for Cassi to fit in with her friends but it is hard when her sister is spoiled and scheming. As Melena finds a way to win Dylan over, she also hopes to be able to get Cassi to change for the better.

Love Thy Sister, Guard Thy Man is a sweet story of young love. The myriad of characters allows the reader to get to know each of them. I thought the romance that budded between Melena and Dylan was nicely done. The connection with Cassi gave it a spin allowing the reader to wonder if everything would backfire. Kimberlee R. Mendoza tells a story of love, devotion and family values. This refreshing and upbeat read is a story that many can relate to within a family of siblings. I found it most enjoyable.

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