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ISBN# 1-59088-346-2
November 2004
Wings ePress, Inc.
$Price not yet assigned
236 Pages
Fantasy Romance
Rating: 5 Cups

Lisa is a twenty-six year old virgin. She is in love with her boss, Josh. Unfortunately, after a company Christmas party and too many drinks; she made a complete fool of herself while everyone watched. Now she has a chance to re-live her past year and hopefully better the outcome of her love life.

Josh Evans is a billionaire and Lisa's boss. Lisa has always intrigued him. But sadly after last year's Christmas party; he no longer sees Lisa as a possible wife and mother of his children. He is now looking for love and marriage with Serene who is a gold digging, manipulative, and selfish woman. She wants Josh to be hers, or more precisely she wants his money and she will stop at nothing to get what she wants.

Lucienda is a fairy godmother with a fetish for weird shoes. She is sent to match Lisa and Josh as soul mates. Of course, she is competing with other fairy godmothers to win the matching soul mates contest. Nonetheless, Lucienda makes it possible for Lisa to have a second chance with Josh; however, this time there will be no Christmas party. Her new life begins with Lisa and Josh's wedding. However, as in all fairy tales, there is a catch. Lisa has only 5 days to make Josh truly fall in love with her. Lisa does not want to have sex with Josh until he falls in loves her no matter how badly Josh lusts after her. Oh, and do not forget that there is a no drinking with sex rule for Lisa.

This was a delightfully sweet and entertaining romance. The relationship between Lisa and Josh is wonderful to watch develop. Lisa is uncertain with the situation because she knows that magic is behind the whole thing. Josh is enjoying getting to know his new wife better and seeing her in a new light. Even though the premise of this story is fantasy, the relationship and personalities between Lisa and Josh were realistic enough to be believable. This is a keeper that I will enjoy again and again in the future.

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