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ISBN# E-book-978-1-60272-259-0/Paperback-978-1-60272-936-0
May 2008
Amber Quill Press
451 pages
Historical Romance
Rating: 2 cups

Rosalind Collins believed her father dead. When her aunt dies, Rosalind finds a letter, discovering not only is he alive but also an address of where he lives. Taking what little money she has Rosalind travels alone to the Peninsula of Michigan, hoping her father will accept her. During the journey north, hijackers take control of the boat and Rosalind finds herself strangely attracted to the dark rebel leader.

Cosy Collins is part Chippewa living in her father’s house she is expected to become a well brought up white young lady. Expected to forget the life she had for six years with her foster mother Hungry Moon in a Chippewa village. Should she forget her previous life and give up the Indian she loves?

Rosalind arrives at her father’s house to find the welcome she had wished for but with a savage twist. A half sister, who is not only nearly the same age as herself, Cosy is also part Chippewa –savage. When the rebel arrives at her father’s house with a new name she finds herself fighting her attraction to him while keeping the secrets that could get him hung.

I found this book a challenging read. It covers a number of social issues during the American civil war era. The story touches on several subjects of that era but does not explain with satisfaction nor do any appear to be the focal point of the story. There are also two romances blossoming through the book again these do not look to be the main point to the story. This leaves the story not only challenging but also a disappointing read.

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