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ISBN # 978-1-921347-69-6
September 2008
The Dark Castle Lords
137 Pages
Contemporary Romance
Rating: 3 Cups

Lexi is a very successful accountant with a major Greek company. The single mother of a young son, she has done her best with her strong-willed child. She was abandoned by the love of her life when she found out she was pregnant.

Jason is the owner of a successful computer company and is now trying to write a novel. He has only been in love once in his life despite an ill-conceived pity marriage, but has been unable to locate Lexi.

Jason and Lexi have been separated by circumstances for the last nine years. Jason is unaware that he has a son. Lexi works for Jason’s brother, Raphael, who helped her when she was tossed from her home by her strict father. Now Raphael is bringing the two together, but nine years is a long time to be apart, and Lexi and Jason are different people from the young lovers that long ago summer.

I enjoyed this story despite some very unlikable characters. I found Jason and his family to be manipulative, often undermining both Lexi’s authority with her son, who I will admit is a well brought up little boy, and her confidence in herself. Everyone seems to blame her for hiding her son from his father, but she was little more than a child when she got pregnant, and more importantly, Jason’s brother knew where she was and what she was doing the whole time. That aside, and fortunately before the child becomes completely contemptuous of his mother, the two find common ground and this becomes a very good love story. I liked that the characters are realistic, not overly noble or perfect, and the love story heats up wonderfully as time goes on. Lexi and Jason are never boring in this very engrossing tale.

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