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ISBN# (10): 0373813287/ (13):978-0373813285
September 2007
Steeple Hill Publishing
233 Broadway, New York, NY 10279
320 Pages
Romance/Love Inspired Series
Rating: 4 Cups

Mike Fuller, a clinical assistant at Austin University Hospital in Austin, Texas, if often referred as an orderly. He has been the head of the family, for his mother and brother, Tim, after their father deserted them twenty years prior.

Doctor Ana Dolores Ramirez is head resident in the ER. Often, her job can be demanding but she is a great doctor. She loves the excitement, the challenge and the urgency to save people.

Mike is intrigued when he first sees Ana, but most everyone who works with her knows her body language speaks loudly to back away. He tries not to think past her as anything more than a doctor. The more they communicate they find things in their family life quite similar. She may be a tough professional but he sees a compassionate individual, the kind of doctor he desires to be. Until he can return to medical school, he will never be any kind of doctor, but money and finances are major issues at the moment. For now he feels he is doing meaningful work, healing work. From observation, and not attraction, Ana finds Mike most handsome. She thinks he is an excellent clinical assistant and finds him quite impressive. But she cannot have any relationship with any man with no ambition. It matters not that he is handsome; he made it clear he wants no attachment to anyone. The more time she spends with Mike, she begins to question her life and raising a family. His presence makes her feel giddy. He does have a great smile, if only he would use it more. When a tragedy occurs, faith has a way of intervening, but will it be too late?

Love’s Healing Touch is a poignant story of not only two likable characters, but a huge family that charm the heart. Loyalty, family ties, dedication, love, and romance all play a role in this splendid read. I found it heart-warming the way Ana communicates with Mike to help him understand himself better. He has spent time nurturing his family and trying to better his life, he forgets to look for his own happiness. In a way Ana does the same, and even though they share an enthusiasm to help and heal others, there is still a love missing in their lives. Jane Myers Perrine creates fascinating characters and wonderful dialogue to craft a convincing story. She pens a smooth flowing read that keeps the reader tuned to the storyline while falling in love with the refreshing likeness of Ana and Mike.

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