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ISBN: 1413784283
December 26, 2005
Publish America LLLP
111 E. Church St., Frederick, MD 21705
Paperback / E-Book
$ 19.95
224 Pages
Rating: 3 Cups

Philip Velez is growing up on the dangerous streets of Chicago during the 60’s. With the love and support of family and church, he has the strength to survive the gangs and riots that abound in his neighborhood. But can he survive loving Nina?

Angelina (Nina) is a young girl when she meets Phil. She is sure that he is an honorable and gentle man and that he will be the only man she ever loves. Her life takes many cruel twists and turns but can her love remain true?

Phil’s love for Nina spans the decades. He first notices her when they are young children going to a Catholic school in the heart of Chicago. The 60’s make for a tough time growing up what with the war, racial prejudice, and inner-city gangs. Phil is determined to make a good life for Nina, but his plans are thwarted at every turn. Some very nasty people irrevocably change his life and Nina’s. Life can be cruel but in the end love is everlasting.

Love and life seem to clash head-on throughout this story. Phil is a product of a good Christian upbringing. He is loving, caring, and thoughtful in all aspects of his life. Nina is timid, shy, and not forceful enough to defend herself. Their lives may have been very different had she stood up to her father, but at the time that was the way of life. I found this story to be sweet, sad, and at some points exacerbating. But then again I did not grow up in a household where children have little or no say to a parents’ decision.

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