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ISBN#: 978-1-60435-021-0
September 2007
Red Rose Publishing
51 pages
Contemporary Romance
Rating: 3 Cups

Mary Simpson lost both her parents at a young age. As a result she suffers from a multiple personality disorder. Marion is Mary's alternate personality and although both are reasonably stable, they are not aware of the others existence. After many years in the hospital, Mary has been allowed to leave to live in the community with her nurse Karen.

Since his divorce, Paul Barry has not met many people and is eager to impress when a friend arranges a blind date. He is surprised when he meets Mary and all goes well, better in-fact than either of them could have thought possible. The following day, unfortunately, does not go as well. Mary becomes angry after he mentions their previous meeting. Determined to discover the problem, he decides to find out what is going on. After Karen explains about Marion, Paul realizes he wants to continue see 'both' of them.

Paul and Mary's relationship is difficult from the beginning, although Mary does not realize this. With the help of Karen and Doctor James Martin, Paul is able to build a life with both of Mary's personalities. Keeping them from finding out about each other is not so easily achieved.

Can love overcome mental disabilities? Mr. Bogran has shown how this scenario can be achieved, with a little patience and a lot of work. Paul develops a separate relationship with both Mary and Marion, working hard not to complicate their condition. It appears that Mary unrealistically floats through life without anyone expecting her to face her problems. Both her personalities are very different, they each have a job but I could not understand how this worked. I found it difficult to accept, the possibility someone who is mentally unstable would be allowed to go on blind dates and form adult relationships.

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