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ISBN# (13)978-1-60272-479-2/print (13)978-1-60272-888-2 (Paperback)
March 1, 2009
Amber Quill Press
477 pages
Historical Romance
Rating: 2 Cups

Jennara Grey is a doctor who learned both western and Indian medicines, a skill that is going to save more than just her own life. When Jennara returns home one morning, she finds not only the Indians attacking, but her sister has eloped with their house guest and his very angry step-brother is in her living room.

Bramwell Sumner is determined to stop his brother’s marriage. After receiving the letter with a drawing of Jennara, he is convinced she only wants the family money. Now he has found that the boy has run away with her sister. Bramwell knows it was Jennara’s idea... But he needs her if he is to find them and keep himself alive in this hostile area.

Bramwell and Jennara travel together, hiding as much as they can to avoid both Indians and rebels alike. While they follow their wayward siblings both realize there is more to the other than either first thought.

Jennara is an amazing character whose knowledge keeps the pair alive through what is a long and very challenging journey. Set in the civil war era, the pair face rebels, Indians and general bad guys in a series of incidents that repeat over the course of the story. Ms Toomb has written an interesting and informative book that will interest any civil war enthusiast.

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