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ISBN#: 9781425743833/9781425743826
February 2007
Xlibris Corporation
International Plaza 2, Suite 410, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 19113-1513
212 pages
Rating: 2 cups

Serena is stationed at Fort Sam Houston in San Antonio, Texas with the United States Army. Tara Walker, her best friend, asks Serena to go to Georgia with her to visit Tara’s family. What Serena finds in Georgia, she never expects.

Antonio Walker – Tony- is Tara’s half brother. A firefighter from Columbus, Georgia, Tony decides to pay his family a visit. His problem is his current girlfriend, Melissa, joins him on this trip and once he meets Serena, an already rocky relationship hits the skids.

On a four-day vacation, Tara and Serena visit Tara’s family and friends. Both women connect with people they did not expect. Terry Jones, an NBA player, happens to be in town. When Terry and Tara were dating back in middle school, Terry messed up and wants to make things right with Tara. Introduced to a gorgeous man, Serena finds out that he is Tara’s half brother. They find a connection with each other and everyone around them notices, even Tony’s current girlfriend.

There are several issues with this book. First, the story did not flow well and it became confusing. Ms. Coleman hopped from person to person and there was not a transition. Second of all, the filler material got in the way of the story. The story plot had potential, but the drama occurring between all of the characters distracted from what the reader should have been focusing on. Last, but not least, the cheating, the backstabbing and betrayals left a bad taste in my mouth.

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