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ISBN# (10)0758221797/(13)9780758221797
August 2007
Aphrodisia/Kensington Publishing Corp.
850 Third Avenue, New York, New York 10022
315 Pages
Erotic Romance
Rating: 4 cups

Megaleen has been banished to the Isle of Mists after being accused of witchcraft. Living with her aunt and uncle she is to become a priestess after giving her virginity to the head Shaman. However, this is not what fate has in store for her. When Megaleen sees selkies having a sexual orgy on the beach, she is deeply aroused by the sight of their leader having sex with one of his consorts. Unbeknownst to her, he can see her, and has become just as enamored of her as she is of him.

Simeon is the Lord of the Deep and a selkie. He is bored with his consorts and longs for something more. When he spies Megaleen he at first thinks only to have her one time to get her out of his system, and then return her to the island. However, it is not long before he changes his mind with regards to that for he cannot deny his own heart.

When Megaleen’s aunt discovers that Megaleen has lost her virginity to Simeon she plots to use this knowledge to her monetary advantage by selling Megaleen to the shamans to become their kept woman. Since she is no longer virgin she cannot be a priestess, and Megaleen’s aunt is greedy, and jealous of the way her husband looks at Megaleen. While Gideon Lord of the Dark is able to rescue her before she is raped, there are others that feel ill will towards the couple and who would seek to separate them for their own nefarious reasons. Love is not easy for an immortal selkie and a human woman because Megaleen can only be under the waves for a short amount of time before she must be returned to land and air, and the only way Simeon can stay with Megaleen is if she keeps his skin and he lives with her on land thus losing his immortality. Will their love be able to overcome these obstacles and the many enemies they face those seen, and unseen?

Lord of the Deep is a rousing erotic read rife with myths and legends. Ms. Thompson weaves the myths and legends from Scotland’s distant past with a story of a love for all time while remaining true to the spirit of such myths and legends. She does this in such a way as to make the story absolutely believable. I enjoyed reading about Megaleen’s very real dilemma of trying to decide if she should just take Simeon’s skin and keep him with her on land, since she is not immortal and will die, unlike Simeon. The lovemaking is very hot but shot through with deep emotions making this story a keeper. You get a glimpse of Scotland’s primeval past through the eyes of an expert storyteller when reading Lord of the Deep. This is one love story that is not to be missed! It is my hope that there will be other books in this universe because I for one cannot wait to return.

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