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ISBN#: Paperback-(10)0-440-24469-2 /(13)978-0-440-24469-1/E-book-(10)0-440-33792-5/(13)978-0-440-33792-8 E-Book
August 26, 2008
Bantam Dell (Division of Random House)
1745 Broadway, New York, NY 10019
Trade Paperback
416 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Esme Alden, considered Master of Disguise, has her own investigations in Seattle but now is trying to help her father at B & B Investigations make enough money to settle his gambling debt.

Johnny Ramos is home in Denver from his last tour in Afghanistan. All he is waiting on now is to be reassigned to General Grant’s command. When he notices the girl he went to school with dressed like a hooker, he follows to see what is amiss.

John could recognize Esme anywhere but why she is disguised as a hooker is something he intends to find out. Surely times have not become that rough. After following her to a hotel, he later learns she is working on a task for her father at B & B Investigations. If Esme can pull this top dollar mission off, she can finally put her father out of business so he can retire. She is surprised to run into John who was considered one of the best Catholic boys around. When he learns about her work in locating missing art pieces, he believes she may be in danger, especially with the rough thugs she encounters. After Esme tells him about the Meinhard, worth over two million dollars, John realizes that is a huge fortune. He plans on keeping her safe even if he has to join her. They both have a high school crush still fresh as if it were yesterday. Will John be able to keep her protected so she can finish this task and pay off her father’s gambling debt or will they both fall prey to the sharks?

Loose and Easy is a lively robust read that instantaneously grabs hold of the reader and drags them into the center of the story. I love Esme’s personality. She can be tough one minute then loveable the next. She and John have a chemistry that has spiraled through the years only making their love stronger. I love the part about John’s grandmother. The way Tara Janzen fashions this explosive read is mesmerizing. Their expressions are priceless. I like the way Esme tries to help her family but she knows when enough is enough. Ms. Janzen has a talent for incorporating chemistry, action, and just the right fusion into making a spellbinding story that grips. She definitely hooked me.

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