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ISBN# (10)1-59431-752-6/(13)978-1-59431-752-1
April 2009
Write Words, Inc.
304 pages
Romance, Christian, Contemporary
Rating: 4 Cups

Stefan Chapeski cannot believe the one woman he has always loved is returning to town. He has never forgotten Maggie, yet inside, his heart still bleeds with her running away.

Maggie Egan has struggled to provide a good home for her eleven-year-old daughter, Riley. When her job takes a change, she packs and returns home expecting to start a new life.

That one night of passion should never have happened but it did, and being a gentleman, Stefan tells Maggie they will marry after they graduate. Maggie realizes Stefan has big plans to go to college, become a teacher, and further his education. She will not allow a marriage to detour his plans. Now, years later, Maggie leaves Toronto and returns home to her small town with her daughter, Riley in tow. Stefan is surprised she has returned. He is still upset that she left him standing at the altar and ran off. Now he demands answers and more when he sees himself in Riley’s eyes and realizes there is much more to the story. Will Stefan get his answers or will Maggie once again run away leaving him standing?

Looking for Love has all the elements that make a stunning read. The cool, crisp, dialogue spins a remarkable story between Maggie and Stefan. I love the premise of adding a daughter to the story, and allowing Riley to blend in like most typical young kids who want a mall and the conveniences of a larger town and school. Anna Dynowski pens a lovely story of love, romance, faith and hope, with well-rounded characters that bring life into the pages. She definitely knows her Bible scriptures, too. I found this a heartwarming story that makes the reader believe anything can happen with a little faith and love.

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