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ISBN# 978-1-60370- 075-7, 1-60370-075-7
July 11, 2007
Torquere Press
157 pages
Gay erotic romance, paranormal
Rating: 2 cups

Vance is a vampire hunter who has been given a new assignment; to clear the Louisiana swamps of a bloodsucker by getting him to get him to move on. The problem is, his job does not turn out to be that easy. He has met his match in Clay and has begun to let his feelings for Clay take over. He enjoys the feel of them, even if it means going against his boss.

Clay is the bloodsucker Vance must get rid of. Only after a bit of sparring does he find a connection with Vance that he never wants to let go. He needs to show Vance that not all vampires are out to harm him, and that some are worth taking a risk on.

When things go wrong with Vance's boss, the Colonel, Clay and his human friend Remy set out to rescue Vance. Things go from bad to worse and they must soon stop the Colonel's plan; that is if they can keep one step ahead of him and stay alive.

Long Black Cadillac has steamy sex scenes and vampires; but for this reader that was all that intrigued me. I felt that at times the storyline jumped all over, leaving me confused and having to reread paragraphs to find my place. A word of warning I also found that this story has a large amount of profanity that I did not enjoy but understand that it is used to create a character’s personality and is the way they would speak in this story.  However, if vampires and M/M sex are your thing then this is the type of story that you might enjoy.

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