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ISBN#: 978-1-934037-50-8
September 2008
Literary Road
209 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Scott Preston is the crime reporter for the Morning Herald. Ever since the terrible murder of Lisa Craig, twenty years ago, he has been engrossed with the young girl’s death. He lives and breaths the Lisa Craig file.

Meg Bryant has been through a bad marriage, only to end up living with her mother. She works with Scott at the Herald. When he wishes to re-enact the death of Lisa, Meg willingly offers to help, not considering the consequences.

Lisa was only twenty-three when she met her killer on a freezing night. Police suspected her boyfriend, Garrick Boyd, the prime subject after a date had ensued with a nasty argument. After all these years, the police still have no evidence Garrick is the real killer. Scott, still obsessed with the murder, will not allow it to be over until he can help find the killer. Not the person to mix business with pleasure, he feels drawn to Meg, and when a plan to help find the killer comes into focus, Meg volunteers to help. With Meg’s help, can Scott finally find the killer so he can get on with his life, or will Lisa always be fixated in his mind forever?

Lisa is a whirlwind of a story that keeps the reader glued to their seat. I was fascinated by the characters of Scott and Meg and their cool relationship. I like the way things slowly happen between the two. Scott has an interesting characteristic the way he is absorbed with Lisa after all these years. Karen Lewis gives him determination that not many would pursue. The way she sketches her players, everything springs forth genuine in their story. With a well-developed ensemble of secondary players, this mind-blowing read is one that this reader will remember for years to come.

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