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September 2007
Forbidden Publications
124 Pages
Erotic Fantasy
Rating: 3 Cups

A Bowl of Milk

Meara has no idea what to do about the disaster that comes about each night when she goes to bed. According to her Granny Murphy, there is a pooka about, and he wants his offerings. Deciding to placate her, Meara leaves some spoiled food around, only to find the fence broken and the yard torn up more than before. Grumbling about old wives tales, Meara finally relents and leaves fresh offerings, getting more than she expected in return.

This story has a lot of humor and wit written into it. A Bowl of Milk describes exactly what a pooka is and will do without coming off as boring. Too many times we read fantasy and do not quite understand what exactly a character is. This story is very clear and concise, and I was happy with this short tale.


Lady Itsuka is a great warrior with a sharp sword and even sharper tongue. With a few words, she can cut a man down to size with her domineering ways. Vitez loves the way his ladyship is with him. With the crack of her bamboo staff, she has him trembling with desire. After a failed attempt to help in a battle, he is punished in the worst possible way. He is forbidden access to Lady Itsuka's bedroom with all of her special toys.

This is a nice tale of dominance and submission. However, at times it seems to jump from one thought to another, confusing me. Lady Itsuka comes off as a strong and independent woman. Vitez comes off as a typical submissive. As I read further into the story, I found little nuances that showed me both characters were not completely as they seemed. Overall, a good short read.

Aphrodite's Rubicon

Aphrodite is renowned for her beauty and seduction. So when she is paired with Hephaestus, the gods are not surprised by her lack of enthusiasm. Who would want to be married to a grotesquely scarred man? Everyone expects Aphrodite to cuckold her husband due to his looks alone, not to mention his solitary demeanor. Is there any hope for two gods where the principle that opposites attract is an extreme factor in their marriage?

This story touched my heart with its passion and sorrow. Aphrodite is shown to have feelings besides just oozing sex appeal. Hephaestus is portrayed as a god who has complex feelings and low self-esteem. This tale of Greek gods has a factor of beauty and the beast I found quite appealing.


All his life, Zilar was an outcast in his village. Because of his heritage, he was considered a savage. Even though he had grown up within the protective arms of Gar and Sparrow, his foster parents, others say he will become a savage like his parents were. When he is offered to General Azeria as her third husband, Zilar knows it is a new beginning. Will the old prejudices come out when the others find out he was born to savages?

This is an interesting story to say the least, with some character role reversals that are unique. While women go out to fight and defend their homes, men stay home and cook and clean. I can honestly say I did not like that aspect of the tale. It was definitely different. Other than that factor, the tale is a nice read with some sensual play and one male-on-male action.


Cedric has a lot to prove to his older brothers. Considered weak and too young, he goes off in search of adventure and fame. Hearing about a kidnapped princess, he sets out to find her and bring her home. Then his brothers would have to respect him. He would be the hero no one expects him to be. However, no one tells him he is going on a fool’s errand, and when he comes back, he might still be a laughingstock.

This is a very interesting twist on a typical fairy tale. I love how the author has taken the tale of the kidnapped princess and added an unlikely hero. The princess comes off as a strong and willful woman who is tired of being a pawn for people to pass around. Cedric shows his true colors when he fights to become the man he wants to be. A sensually delightful tale for any fairy tale lover.

Blood Borne

Selena knows something is wrong with her. The doctor has tested her for different diseases and the same result always comes up. Whatever is wrong, it is degenerative and will only get worse with time. Her friend and lover, Alex, helps her in every way he can, but he is worried. His love for her is powerful and he is afraid that Selena will die before they can get their happily ever after.

Blood Borne is a funny story with some good qualities in it. I like how matter of fact the characters are in trying to figure out what Selena has. The love and passion the main characters have for each other is hopeful and sad. This is a wistful tale that has your heart aching for two lovers who are trying to fight death and keep love.

Private Hell

Lucifer has a reputation to uphold. As the king of hell, he is supposed to come off as bad and evil. However, when you have your mother living with you, it is a little hard to come off as evil, especially when she offers evil underlings cookies! He has to find a way to get her to leave before others realize how weak he is around his mother.

Who would have thought? Lucifer a mama's boy! This is a hilarious story about a man trying to stay a man while his mother sees him as a boy. The juggling act of his job as the lord of hell and his mother has some serious comedy in it. Not so much romance but there is a very hot scene that is nicely interrupted by his mother.

Hot Chocolate and Celestial Fire

Sylvia needs to move on. After her husband died, she lived in a void for so long the world just passed her by. Going into a male brothel seems to be the answer. Jeremy seems to be exactly what she needs in her bed and in her heart. When their encounter is over, Sylvia finds herself hoping for more but knowing nothing will come of it.

This is a story to soothe anyone's soul. A tale of the heartache of a woman who finds herself at a crossroad. The loneliness and heartbreak touches the reader in an emotional and compassionate way. The way Sylvia struggles with everyday criteria seems so real and lifelike. A poignant tale of how love can seem to be lost only to be found in the most unexpected place.

Lioness on the Knife is an interesting assortment of fantasy and erotica stories. This anthology is written by one author; however, each story is unique. While Ms. Martinez has a theme for each story, the tales do not have the same writing style. I was afraid the stories were going to sound the same with the same wording and context. However, not only were the stories different, the storytelling was so different that it could have been a different person writing them altogether. I liked some of the stories better than others and found that all-around, this was not a spectacular book but it was a nice read.

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