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ISBN # Unavailable
May 2007
Aphrodite Unlaced
107 Pages
Erotic romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Kate Taylor has a past that she wants to stay there, but someone is insistent that it is time for her to revisit it. She wants to tell her boyfriend, but is afraid he will leave her. But that is not the only secret she has that she cannot seem to tell him. The other secret is about her sexual desires. She almost lost her boyfriend once by lying to him, so she is now trying hard to be honest with Ryan.

Ryan Patchouli comes from a very strict Mormon family; one that sees sex as a sin. However, he has always felt he was on the outside because he has such vivid pictures of things he would like to do and have done to him. He now must decide whether to tell his girlfriend and risk humiliation, or continue to suppress his desires.

Ryan and Kate soon face their desires, not knowing that something sinister is happening behind their backs. Kate’s past is about to catch up to her. She tries to keep it from leaking out, but can someone come back from the grave and get revenge? Ryan must try to protect Kate at all costs and hopes he does not lose her to something he cannot control.

Lilacs in Winter is a great suspense-filled story that keeps you on edge until the very end. It has smoldering, erotic sex scenes that pop up between the suspense filled scenes. I enjoyed this book and you will not be disappointed with it. This couple’s story deals with the conflict one has within one’s self and being honest with one's own feelings. Congratulations on a great debut Ms. Dolce. I look forward to future releases.

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