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ISBN: 1-59374-6008-3
September 2006
Whiskey Creek Press
Price: $5.99
Pages 297
Rating: 4 Cups

Merrie has gone to the Civil War disguised as a boy named Cal, to be closer to her brothers. Working as a spy, she has made an enemy of a mercenary known as The Colonel. Exhausted from her latest mission, she is treated by a wonderful doctor, Captain Chris McMasters, who is willing to hide her secret.

Doctor McMasters is quickly growing war weary and knows he lacks the respect of the Union Soldiers he tries to lead. He is horrified when he realizes Cal is a young woman, but soon responds to her spirit and desire to keep her family together.

Merrie's brothers are angry at her being in combat, and when her secret comes out, two of them turn their backs on her for a time. When The Colonel makes another threat against Cal, she and Chris try to move the injured troops to safety while discovering their love for each other.

Lies that Bind is a bittersweet romance with plenty of intrigue. Merrie and Chris' love story is sensual rather than sexy. Details of the love scenes are left to the reader's imagination. The dialogue is time appropriate and supports the terror of what their lives have become. The background characters bring substance to the book, but none seem ready for a sequel. The mystery of The Colonel is an excellent part of the suspense and plays well against the heroism of Merrie and Chris. Ms. Walpole does a wonderful job of describing war's depravation, while keeping readers empathetic to the lead characters. For those who love sensual and suspenseful historicals, this is a definite keeper.

Anya Khan
Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance


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