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ISBN#: Unavailable
April 2008
209 Pages
Rating: 2 Cups

Claire is a widowed farmer’s wife and mother of two adult children from Kansas. Her husband has recently died in a hunting accident, shot by his best friend. A tornado has leveled their home, so she decides to sell out and move to the seaside.

Noah is a successful mystery writer. He never wants to marry again after experiencing it once with a cheating gold digger. His new next door neighbor is as different from her as can be.

A recent widow packs everything up in her Saturn and drives from Kansas to Virginia to start a new life as a decorator. A son in Afghanistan, a daughter newly arrived from Paris with a previously unknown daughter, her mother, and a family of Romani-Basques enrich her new life.

This book has several good stories in it. The author writes very good characters and excellent descriptions of places. There is just too much going on here. There is a little of every genre when it would have been better to just stick with a couple of storylines. It seems a waste of so many good ideas that could have been the basis of a whole book. On the plus side, I loved Claire’s character; she had a lot of bad deals in her life and made the best of things until she could do what she truly wanted. Her mother is very similar in that regard and supports her fully. The setting of a little seaside town is very well written and I almost felt like I was there. Overall, there are a lot of good things about this story, just too many of them making it a bit overwhelming.

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