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ISBN# 9780778326366
March 2009
Mira Books
Mass Market Paperback
298 pages
Rating: 4 cups

Private Investigator Jack McPhee's business is not doing well. He takes a job from National Federated Insurance and tries to solve the mystery of the Calendar Burglar. Jack has a 'no partners' rule, but it looks like he will have to break that particular rule.

Dina Wexler is a woman of petite stature who takes care of her mother by working a variety of jobs. One of these jobs is being a dog groomer for the boarding kennels. It is her other side job that has her in Jack McPhee's sights.

Someone is robbing homes during the summer months. It is Jack's job to find who the burglar is and turn them in to the police department. Jack notices the pattern in the crimes--the victims have dogs which were being boarded at the local kennels. Now, Jack has to break his one rule and partner up with a Maltese, a Sheltie, and a mutt in hopes of finding the burglar before they can strike again. The problem is now the person committing these crimes has hit too close to home, and robbery was not the only crime that took place.

Jack is an interesting character with even more interesting thought processes. He picks up the minutest of details and is able to solve a mystery from those clues. Dina is a woman to admire. While she is a tiny lady, she does not let that stop her from getting things done. Ms. Ledbetter writes a tale which keeps the reader interested throughout. This mystery with a twist of a romance is a must read.

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