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ISBN# 1-59998-036-3
February 2006
Samhain Publishing
189 pages
Contemporary Romance
Rating: 3 Cups

Veronica is used to being overshadowed by her glamorous friend Kayla. She is secretly in lust with her boss, a successful lawyer, but he rarely notices her. Kayla decides to remedy the situation by lending Ronnie one of her boy toys, an escort named Brant Coleman. Brant’s mission is to make the boss notice Ronnie, and to make Ronnie feel sexier. Ronnie is sceptical about his ability to accomplish either task.

Brant is not really a male escort; he is an insurance investigator. Ronnie is in possession of a pair of stolen historic earrings and he wants to first get the earrings back, and then make sure she pays for the crime. The problem is, the more he gets to know Ronnie the less he believes that she is a thief. She makes him want to be better than the lying, cheating cad that he feels he is.

With the help of a glamorous friend’s boyfriend, a young woman remakes herself to become more alluring to the man she thinks she wants. Unfortunately, once her goal is attainable, it does not seem as desirable and certainly not as desirable as her new teacher.

This is a very entertaining romance with many twists and turns. Veronica is a very sympathetic and likable character. She wants a safe life with a man who will love her, but having been overshadowed by the glamorous Kayla does not know how. Kayla is spoiled and beautiful and has no problem lending out her men like possessions. Brant is certainly not as bad as he thinks he is, and Ronnie brings out his good side. The many misdirections in the plot really add to the story, and the subplot of the stolen earrings has a few unexpected twists. This is a fun story.

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