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ISBN# 978-1-890785-02-4
April 2007
Shadow Rose Publishing
232 Pages
Erotic Romance with D/s elements
Rating: 4 Cups

Cassie is a police office looking for a killer who uses the internet to lure in his victims. When she decides to checkout dominance chat room she meets Brandon. At first she thinks he may be the perpetrator, but soon Cassie realizes she is interested in him for more dramatic reasons.

Brandon runs a chat for those new to dominance and submission when he begins on-line chatting with Cassie. When the two see each other in person sparks fly even though he lets Cassie know from the beginning that he is the Dom in charge.

Together they learn more about each other, and while exploring their desires they also work on finding the murderer.

Lessons to Love is exciting with good sex and a great deal of foreplay. The book provides a fascinating picture of a dominant and submissive relationship that moves beyond spankings to establishing ground rules for the couple. This is a very interesting read and one that I can quickly recommend. The complete description, including the dialogue, about what to do and not to do in their dominance and submissive is the main focus. The caring and concern for each other is well demonstrated, but is second to the spanking and dominance aspect. A sequel is scheduled and I can’t wait to read how Brandon and Cassie’s relationship continues and to follow their hunt for the bad guy.

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