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ISBN #: 9781419980107
August 2007
The Lotus Circle
174 Pages
Paranormal Romance
Rating: 3 Cups

Tara is a social worker; she is also a telepathic empath, which accounts for her phenomenal success rate with her clients. She is particularly drawn to one man whose daughter is in a coma.

Dan has survived his wife’s death from cancer and a train wreck, but if his daughter does not come out of her coma, he is not sure what he will do. His only hope is a very attractive social worker who seems to have time for everyone but herself.

A little girl in a coma brings two lonely people together, but Tara’s many commitments to her patients make relationships difficult for her. Dan loves her but needs to be patient for the relationship to work out.

This is a nice story, but it moved slowly at times. I found it hard to believe that no one questioned her psychic abilities. It had paranormal elements, but the romance started well into the story and it was more of an inspirational tale. I was a little confused about her relationship with Jeanine after her accident; the author devoted much more time to relationships less important to the plot. The characters are well developed and the plot well thought out for the most part. I loved little Amy’s character; she stole the story even when she was unconscious. Although it fit in with her overburdened main character, I would have liked to have seen her primary relationships more developed and less of her other patients, but overall it was an enjoyable tale.

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