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ISBN: 9781419919916
March 11, 2009
Ellora’s Cave
75 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Lynn Blackstone is a stay-at-home mother of four who has an overactive but underused libido. Even the use of sex toys does not take away the ache of missing her workaholic husband.

Mark Blackstone is a doctor in a busy clinic, and he knows that lately their sex life has been abysmal. With the economy the way it has been, the stocks he has invested in fell through, and their cushion for emergencies quickly dwindled to nothing. He is losing control not only over his sex life but the money they are so used to spending, and he feels the hours at work can help bring the cash flow back to what they are used to.

Lynn is done waiting for her husband to stop falling asleep so her aching body can get some relief; she is going to get him to make love to her if it is the last thing she does. When Mark hears Lynn talking about their past domination and submission play, it brings back fond memories of some pretty hot and erotic nights. She does not care about how much money her husband can make; Lynn just wants him home at a respectable time and to spend some much needed TLC on her body. Mark soon joins a club that is based on BDSM and brings Lynn into his dark world of seduction, hoping she will find his erotic world just as stimulating as he does.

Learning Control is a beautifully written story of a struggling couple wanting to bring the romance and sex back into their lives. With her rational views of this world, Ms. Jacobs shows the readers that this tale is a realistic account of what can happen when a man tries too hard to take care of his wife and does not realize that he is really forgetting her needs in his quest to bring her monetary relief. Lynn, who has the role of motherhood, stay-at-home mom, and frustrated wife, is the perfect example of how sometimes life does get in the way, and you just have to work around it. Mark is not inconsiderate or even materialistic; he just wants to provide for his wife and does not seem to comprehend that he really is neglecting her. With only a couple of spots that were not as intriguing, this tale of rediscovered love is a wonderful story for those interested in steamy sex, BDSM scenes, and erotic fantasies.

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