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ISBN#: 1601542968
August 13, 2008
The Wild Rose Press
203 Pages
Western Historical Cactus Rosebud/Sweet
Rating: 4 Cups

Leah McKenzie helps her crippled father take care of the ranch. When she meets Wade, she knows deep down this is a man she wants, even if he has a bad reputation.

Wade Forbes is a gunfighter. When Robert McKenzie asks him to watch over his land and get rid of rustlers, Wade is afraid the task will be too complicated working with Leah.

Wade cannot believe he is being shot at when he returns a horse. Leah is certain he is a rustler. Wade claims the gray horse was out wandering and he was returning it to the owner. Without enough deputies to help the sheriff with rustlers, cripple Robert McKenzie wants to hire Wade. Leah knows they could use the help. She would like him to stay. Something about him really stirs within her heart. Wade is afraid to accept the job because being close to Leah could become complex. Of course, once he helps to catch the rustlers, he can be on his way. Leah wonders will Wade really be able to leave her, or follow his heart and stay with her always?

Last Chance for Love is a wonderful read. The description of the land, to the characters, all the way to the food cooking, can be experienced by the reader. I love the romantic chemistry that shines in this story. The dialogue really delivers. The story is beautifully written with a strong plot and all the makings of a great book. The absolute longing Leah feels for Wade dances in the pages. The secondary characters help round out the storyline. I was completely captivated by the romantic story that Sandi Hampton pens. From the holstering of the guns, to the showdown, the west comes alive in this thrilling tale.

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