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ISBN #9781419912610
January 2008
Cerridwen Press
121 Pages
Regency Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Miss Charlotte Stuart is an heiress but determined never to marry. Deceived once by someone she thought loved her, she is determined not to be hurt again. She wary of men and the fortune hunters of London only confirm her beliefs. She fills her time with raising funds for a charity hospital.

Edward, Lord Woodcliffe is determined to marry for love. He thinks that if he poses as a poor man, he will find a woman who loves him for himself.

A man determined to marry for love falls for a woman determined not to marry at all. He struggles to earn her trust even though he lies to her about his circumstances. She was fooled once before and he suspects that he will lose more than her trust if she finds out his deception.

I really liked Charlotte; she has valid reasons for distrusting men. Edward is really not likeable at first and I could not understand why an intelligent grown man would behave so. I soon warmed up to him when his circumstances were better explained. Charlotte’s Aunt Mary really annoyed me by repeatedly insisting that Charlotte apologize when Edward was at least as much to blame and more often more so. I enjoyed this Regency filled with great characters and very much in the spirit of the best of the genre. The author captures the era, its people, settings, and customs very well. She also tells a very good story of a woman far ahead of her time and the very stubborn and attractive man who is her perfect match.

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