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ISBN-13: 978-1-59426-859-5
March 2008
Phaze Books
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45 pages
Erotic Romance
Rating: 4 cups

Traveling to her apprenticeship in Thelana, Miryea is part of a caravan taking them close to the dangerous Kulchu border. As a physician in training, Miryea is learning to heal. But she worries that, with the recent raids by the barbarians, the fighting skills she learned from her war veteran Grandmother may be needed as well.

Adamir joins the caravan late and overhears two beautiful women discussing his homeland, although not necessarily in the most flattering way. Half Thelanese and half Kulchu, he is a handsome and virile warrior whose eye has been thoroughly caught by the little spitfire, Miryea.

Their immediate attraction is, at first, credited to the season of rebirth they are on the brink of celebrating. Adamir is determined to claim Miryea for the festivities of the Lady Sun's annual return, and engage her in a most pleasurable ritual. But when their caravan is attacked by Kulcha raiders, Adamir's loyalty is called into question. Will Miryea's determination be enough to reunite the two in time for an explosive rite of passion?

Lady Sun Has Risen is a hot, tart and sassy little tale of chance meetings and fates colliding. Miryea and Adamir compliment each other well and their chemistry is electric from their first meeting. This is a story that will get you fired up and in the mood to celebrate your own pleasurable rituals, and maybe keep the faith that love can find you in the oddest circumstances.

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