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ISBN#: 978-0-06-083321-3
January 2009
Harper Collins
10 East 53rd Street, New York, NY 10022
Mass Market Paperback
420 Pages
Rating: 5 Cups

Mary DiNunzio is an associate in Benny Rosati’s law firm. She is a widow and very close to her parents and the people in her old neighborhood in South Philly. In fact, they make up most of her and the firm’s paying clients.

Trish Gambone was one of the “Mean Girls” of Goretti High and made Mary’s life miserable. She was pretty and dated the best looking guy in the school. She never really moved beyond her high school persona, though. Still dating the same guy, hanging with the same friends, is just not so glamorous anymore; especially when the guy has a drinking problem and is working for the Mob.

Life after high school has not been as kind to Trish Gambone as it has to Mary DiNunzio. She is still with the same three mean girl friends and lives with her high school boyfriend, Bobby Mancuso, who Mary briefly dated also. Unfortunately, Bobby has changed. He now works for the Mob, has a drinking problem, and beats her on a regular basis. She comes to Mary to help her get away before she is killed, but will not accept any of Mary’s suggestions. She disappears that night, and Mary feels responsible and is determined to find her. She gets the dubious assistance of the mean girls and the old neighborhood.

I love this book. The characters are very ethnic and over the top, but in a very good way. This is not to say that they are caricatures; they are warm and sometimes funny and very loyal to each other. Mary is definitely one of them, as is her new friend Anthony. He is one of my favorites, letting his mother think he is gay because his tastes are different from his slob of a brother’s. Trish is the embodiment of every high school diva who never grew up, and Mary is the nerd who bloomed after high school. Bobby is the guy who changed both of their lives and Mary gets a glimpse of what her life could have turned out to be if she had not stopped seeing Bobby. Meanwhile, there is a really great mystery to figure out too. I think I have a new favorite author.

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