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ISBN: 0-444-61424-6
January 2005
Time Warner Book Group
1271 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY
368 pages
Historical Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Miss Genevieve Penny and her scientific discovery were meant to be secret, not something finding its way above stairs. Jenny Penny had no plans for her cream that was based on a blend of peppermint essential oils, which caused skin to flush with youthful vigor. After all, it was not her stillroom and her employers were unknowingly buying her supplies. The cream could solve all of her worries and her dream of becoming a lady could come true. Now the prank of disguising Jenny, a base-born lady's maid as a lady of the ton, Lady Genevieve, was the result of that unmistakable gleam in none other than Jennys employer's eyes. The two Featherton sisters were about to stir up a touch of excitement.

Callum Campbell, Sixth Viscount of Argyll, found a beautiful, wide-eyed lady in his carriage. The huge Scotsman with the dark brown eyes kept running into this same Lady Genevieve at every turn. Jenny, or Lady Genevieve, was juggling her quickly growing cream business with the social life of the ton and the results could cause secrets to unfold and more and more lies to be told.

Kathryn Caskie has given us a romp of a Regency era historical romance that will delight the diehards and convert the fence-walkers. Do not be worried about the slow start--the fireworks are fabulous and the story is delightful. You will find the plot familiar, but the detours are unique and your expectations will definitely be fulfilled. Make sure you add this book to your library, because you will find it a refreshing change of pace. I recommend it to all as an excellent read.

Brenda McCoy
Reviewer Karen Find Out About New Books
Reviewer Coffee Time Romance


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