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ISBN# 078-1-59705-295-5
June 2008
Wings ePress
340 pages
Paranormal Romance
Rating: 5 Cups

Rachael Cicconi’s boyfriend left her three years ago. She has since been the single parent of their son Timmy. Rachael refuses to trust or love again, that is, until a knight in shining armor rescues her from an attack late one night on her way home from work. When he turns up on her doorstep with nowhere to stay, Rachael finds it hard to say no, even though she fears for both her and Timmy’s safety.

Michel of Banesford is a knight of old living in England in 1376. When, on the 3 nights of the full moon, someone starts to murder the young maidens. Michel manages to follow this monster, Ruford, through time to America, where he meets Rachael and her young son. For the last two weeks, Timmy has been having nightmares about an evil knight hurting women. This is how long Ruford has been in America, and Michel wonders what could be influencing the boy’s dreams.

Michel’s prevention of the attack on Rachael changes the course of both their lives. Michel has given up everything he knows and loves to travel to an unknown time and place in order to fulfill his oath to god; he must stop Ruford from killing again. Rachael still has difficulties being able to trust, worrying what she will do if he leaves her. How will Timmy cope if another man walks away from them? Even with all this, she finds herself drawn further into a relationship with Michel, unable to stop her heart from ruling her head.

Ms. Ciletti has written a wonderful book with realistic and colorful characters. I especially liked the way Michel reacted to today’s technology and what he thinks is happening. When Rachael turned on a light, he throws holy water on her, thinking she is a witch. Rachael has a number of internal battles throughout the book, worrying what would be best for both her and her son. Timmy is a clever and determined five-year-old boy who, like most of his age, can usually get what he wants with both his mother and Michel. These and many other little points make this bookwork on all levels.

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