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ISBN#: 978-1-60777-023-7
January 2008
Ravenous Romance
Erotic Time Travel/Paranormal Romance
Rating: 2 cups

Louisa is a frustrated woman trying to escape a horrible birthday dinner when she meets her dream come true at a urinal. When the tricky Lord Verdigris takes her out of the time and place, Louisa decides to enjoy her new position and new castle.

Verdigris is an immortal pimp with thousands of women working for him. He lets some of his servants get close to Louisa as a form of torture. Soon the men want to help Louisa be more than just Verdigris’ latest money maker.

From toll-booth worker to favorite prostitute in the Hall of Harlots, Louisa is about to whip her way into staying the owner’s chosen one, until she decides there is no place like New Jersey for this newly realized dominatrix.

This is an odd book that breaks down many boundaries, even those I really wanted kept securely in place. Written in first person, Knight Moves reads, to me, as if written by someone who doesn’t like sex. While the sexual acts are pretty constant, there is no romance involved and some of the prose doesn’t convey enticing pictures, including “… and his glans is sweating buckets of happy juice.” This is just not romantic or erotic enough to make me want to keep reading. The couples who do pair up do not have a connection I cared about, even if Louisa does have some very funny lines in the book. So even though the plot was unique and different, a writer who uses the term “vag” for her vagina is going to have problems with me as a reader.

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