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ISBN: 978-1-934992-66-1
Resplendence Publishing, LLC
July 2008
75 Pages
Erotic, Paranormal, Time-Travel
Rating: 4 cups

Effie Genes has returned to Greece, not for a family reunion, but to break ties forever. As Effie starts her trek home, she spots her father and realizes she is not ready for a confrontation. Running through ancient buildings, the sky is illuminated with fierce lightning. Suddenly Effie finds herself in a time when men were true heroes.

Lord Kavin Richards of Kentmoor thought he had seen everything, until one sassy, smart-mouthed woman practically landed on his lap demanding she was from the twenty-first century. This overbearing, protective knight decided he would explain exactly what women were for after hearing Effie voice her opinion.

While Effie tries to convince Kavin she really is from the future and he cannot possibly drop her off at her house, a siege comes upon the castle. When the Turks invade his home, the Turkish sultan decides he will keep Effie as his new lover. Kavin wants to fight for her, but at what price? His life?

I have always loved a good time-travel book and this was no exception. Ms. Alex knows how to intertwine modern day women with chest beating knights of old. The description used in the story had me feeling as if I could literally feel the stonewalls of the keep on my fingertips. The passionate love scenes were both sensual and romantic, leaving a reader wanting more. The conflict of this real long distance relationship had a nail biting edge until the very end. Good Read!

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