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ISBN #1-60154-110-4
July 20, 2007
The Wild Rose Press
202 Pages
Rating: 3 Cups

Kara devoted her life to banishing the evil, and was equally skilled in weaponry and magic. She had never needed a man, and believed that love was not something that she would ever experience.

Zachius had come to the island in search of Kara. He needed to protect her from its evil forces. He felt a bond with Kara that could not be denied even though he had never laid eyes on her.

Kara had set out on her own, confident in her abilities to take care of herself. Asking for help was alien to her. She was extremely conflicted when Zachius showed up and saved her life. Her body was suddenly alive with sensations that she had never experienced. Desire and pride warred within her soul, but she realized that she could not defeat death on her own. Zachius had never known a woman like Kara. She was a fierce warrior that had a heart and soul as beautiful as her face. He truly believed that keeping her safe was his reason for existing. His heart hurt with thoughts of her being in danger. He prayed that he was strong enough to keep them both alive, because she was the key to saving them all from the darkness.

This mystical story twists and weaves with every page. Kara is very compassionate and connected with her world. She unselfishly absorbs all of the pain and suffering on the island. Zachius is a warrior through and through. He fights and loves with his whole being. They are both strong and willful but trust in each other’s abilities they have bonded they for life. Magic and mysticism flow throughout this story to create the perfect backdrop for Zachius and Kara to prove their worthiness and love for each other.

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