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ISBN: 0446543705/0446510300/0446541249
February 2009
Grand Central Publishing, a division of Hachette Book Group
E-Book/Hardcover/Large Print
432 Pages-Hardcover/768-Large Print Hardcover
Fiction, Romance
Rating: 5 Cups

Susannah Vartanian has a secret that must be told to the world, a secret that she has been holding for thirteen long years. It is time for her to come forward with facts about her past, information that will help put all the wrongdoings to right.

Special Agent Luke Papadopoulos works for the internet task force. His job is to protect innocent girls and boys from becoming prey to the pedophiles. After years of seeing sickening and vile acts by these people, he is ready to be transferred to another department.

Now Luke and Susannah must team up to work against the clock. Someone is pretending to be a college student, grabbing teenage girls and selling them to older men over and over again. When one of the kidnapped girls gets free, they wade through the lies and false information, getting closer to who is the front of the prostitution ring. They do not know who can be trusted, and someone is willing to murder to keep their identity safe.

Ms. Rose has done it again with another spectacular romantic suspense. Kill For Me is a thrilling book with emotional highs and lows that will keep you on the edge of your seat. The way Susannah learns to deal with her secret and to overcome her bitter feelings is wonderful. The way Luke reaches out and uses his own experience to help heal her is phenomenal. This novel is an exceptional read that will have any reader guessing who is bad and who is good until the very end!

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