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ISBN# 1-60186-125-7
March 2007
Triskelion Publishing
100 Pages
Erotic Sci-fi
Rating: 4 cups

Lorana Kane cannot understand why Brett Morallis, her brother Jorval’s best friend, will not touch her when she knows he is as attracted to her as she is to him. When she discovers that Jorval made Brett promise never to touch her, she is livid. She has been in love with Brett for years.

Brett Morallis has always cared about Lorana, first as his best friend’s little sister and later as a woman. The fact that she gives him the hots like no other woman ever has is not in question, but he promised her brother Jorval he would never touch her, and he means to keep that promise.

When Lorana overhears Brett say he is going to a sex resort called Fantasy, she sees her opportunity to be alone with him where her brother is not around, and where she can work on getting him to change his mind. She follows him to the resort, makes friends with the owners and gets them to help her set Brett up. Taking a huge chance with her heart, she finally gets what she wants, or does she?

Just This Once is hotter than hot erotic romance! The sparks that fly between Brett and Lorana are bright enough to singe air. I got a kick out of reading about how hard Brett tries to resist Lorana, and the lengths she went to in order to change his mind. I had a great time reading about Lorana’s determination to seduce Brett despite his lofty ideals with regards to his promise to her brother. The sex between these two is enough to set the pages on fire! I for one cannot wait for more books from this author, and would love to see more stories set in these worlds.

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