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ISBN# 978-1-934678-60-2
April 15, 2008
Tease Publishing
109 Pages
Erotic Romance
Rating: 4 cups

What a Girl Wants

Melanie is a young woman who has decided to take matters into her own hands. She wants to be with Andrew and is willing to do just about anything to attain that goal.

Andrew is the manager of a swanky hotel and an old lover of Melanie’s. He is very happy to be seeing Melanie again.

When Melanie decides to go for broke, take herself off to the Canadian wilds and check herself into the hotel her old lover Andrew is managing, deep down she is hoping for something more than just a holiday fling. After all, she let him get away once, is she willing to do it again?

What a Girl Wants is a wonderful story about a couple who clicked in every way, but who let the other get away. The lovemaking is wonderfully descriptive, and the story very realistic as it begs to answer the question, what if? And it answers that question in a truly satisfying way!

Scrambled Eggs

Kayla is a woman who has the perfect committed relationship with her live-in lover, Victor. Their sex life is darned near perfect and she can think of little that they have not tried.

Victor loves Kayla, but he has a fantasy that he thinks will be very satisfying for both himself and Kayla. It is also one in which he will be able to help a friend and co-worker.

When Victor proposes that they help a friend of his from work who is still a virgin by having Kayla bust his cherry, so to speak, she is not sure if it is such a good idea. After all, it is one thing for Victor to watch Kayla with another woman, but can he handle seeing her orgasm with another man?

This story is far deeper than the title implies, while there are definitely some “scrambled eggs” in there, it is more about a love that is so committed it allows the couple to help a friend. The sex is so blistering hot it sets off fireworks in the reader’s mind! The characters are realistic and easy to relate to, making this story a keeper.

An Apple A Day

Michael Woods is a male nurse who chose that career because of the money. The only problem is he thinks women are good for one thing and one thing only, and his “willy” as he calls his private part gets him into quite a lot of trouble when he screws his supervisor and then she screams to the higher ups about it. His first look at Anita Books, RN Manager and his new boss, has him thinking he is going to get some.

Anita Books is an RN and Michael’s boss. She knows all about his former disgrace but seems to still be willing to give him a chance to redeem himself.

When Anita calls Michael into a meeting with her, he has no idea what she wants, but since she is his boss and he likes how she looks, he is more than willing to meet with her. When she offers him an opportunity to help her with a project, instead of taking her up on it immediately, he tries to seduce her. However, Anita has a plan; will Michael figure it out before it is too late?

Out of the whole anthology this was my least favorite story, but I did enjoy the conclusion. Michael is your typical young man who thinks with his “willy” instead of with his brain, and unfortunately, or fortunately, however the reader chooses to see it, that leads to some rather interesting happenings in both his employment and personal life.

Bottled Up

Raven is a pleasure genie who has been trapped in a lamp for a thousand years. She has been trying to get Morgan’s, the owner of the lamp, attention for quite some time.

Morgan is the new owner of an old antique shop. Not knowing what he has, he finds a bottle in the back of the warehouse, laughing about how he now has his own genie bottle. He takes it home, cleans it, and dries it off. No one is more surprised than him when a genie comes out in the form of a mist from the bottle.

When Morgan first sees Raven, he thinks one of his friends is playing a joke on him, but it soon becomes apparent when Raven grants him a wish that she is the real thing. When she pleasures him like no other woman ever has, he wants to give her the same pleasure. However, Raven is terrified of having that pleasure because it is forbidden to her kind and the dark prince who governs her long life could cause them all kinds of problems. Despite this, mutual love soon blooms, and when said dark prince arrives to rip Raven from Morgan’s arms, the couple does not know if they will ever see each other again.

This by far was one of my favorite stories in this collection. I am a fantasy romance lover at heart and so getting to read this very creative genie love story was a real treat. The world building is creative, and the emotions quite real. This is one story you will not want to miss!


Mara is a woman who feels that she is losing the love of her life and she does not know how to stop it from happening. She loves her husband Curtis dearly, but he has been putting work and other things ahead of her for so long that she does not know if they can salvage their marriage.

Curtis loves his wife and knows that he made some very serious mistakes and that it is has affected their relationship for the worse. He knows he is on the verge of losing Mara forever.

When Mara asks Curtis to go with her to her cousin’s wedding, she tells herself it is just because she does not want to answer awkward questions about his absence if he is not there. However, deep down she is wishing for just one more night; one more chance. When a snowstorm hits, the couple’s only recourse is to stop and spend the night at a hotel. Each hopes that maybe this one night alone can salvage their marriage, but can they get past their insecurities?

I enjoyed reading this story about the power of love, and how anyone who makes a mistake can turn around and change, and in so doing change their future. I liked how the author described the very real chasm between these two and then how she worked to bring them back together. A delightful read about second chances that I recommend.

Over the Rainbow

Mary is a young woman who has the unfortunate luck to get stuck on the Rainbow Bridge with her car konked out. However, her day is about to brighten when a handsome hunk arrives on the scene.

Todd is a cop and knows Mary’s sister. In fact, he has been trying to meet her for some time. He uses the excuse of her broken down car and helping her to make it happen.

When Mary first meets Todd she is highly suspicious, and when she finds out her sister set her up, she is less than enthused. However, Todd does give her tingles in all the right places, and it is not long before they discover that they click together perfectly. But when Todd introduces her to his twin brother and is honest in saying that they share “everything”, she is not willing to share herself with both men and makes that clear. When Todd’s twin Tony makes the mistake of showing up at the wrong time, will it ruin what Mary and Todd may have found in each other?

Over the Rainbow is another story about a couple who instantly clicked, but like all good stories, the author knows how to throw a wrench in the works making you wonder if all that good karma is going to amount to anything. A great, sexy tale with a hint of mystery.

Punany Pleasure

The wife in this story has the perfect night planned for her husband. But he may throw a monkey wrench in the works yet.

The husband is an accountant who works hard. He does not like having to bow out on his wife, but he does promise to make it up to her.

When her husband calls and says he has to work late, the wife is less than enthused. In fact, she is furious because she has spent all day planning for their evening together; even going so far as to turn down overtime from her own employer, and here he is not putting them first for a night that they both had planned on. When he calls again, she tries a little phone sex and then hangs up on him. Will he let her get away with it, or will he turn the tables on her?

I loved how he “made it up to her.” The conclusion to this story is well worth the build up. I enjoyed how the wife made her husband hot by using the phone sex against him. I found myself laughing over that one!


Sabrina left Nick a man she truly loved to take a job on the west coast far away from him. She regrets that move now and wants a second chance with her best friend and lover Nick, but they have not seen each other in two years.

Nick never forgot Sabrina, and is still deeply in love with her. He is not sure exactly why she has decided to visit him now, but he is grateful for the opportunity.

When Sabrina arrives in New York she is nervous because while she and Nick have stayed in touch via e-mail and the occasional phone call, she does not know anything about Nick’s personal life as it stands now. Still, she wants that second chance and she is hoping that Nick wants it too. Will these two be able to pick up where they left off, or will they find that too much time has passed?

Finally is another favorite for me from this anthology. You could really feel the angst that Sabrina was feeling, as well as the absolute conviction of Nick when it came to his love for her. The love is clearly defined on both sides, and the build up to the final conclusion is well worth the wait. This story is a keeper!

Each of these stories had something unique to offer the reader, and all of them were enjoyable. Quite honestly this anthology has something for everyone; interracial romance, erotica, fantasy, as well as different points of view as evidenced by the story An Apple A Day, which was told from the male perspective. I am happy to recommend this read to one and all!

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