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ISBN: 9780980413328
September 2007
External Press
159 Pages
Military Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Kate is an Australian nurse serving her country in WWII. When the Japanese get too close, Private Steve Ellis is ordered to get her to safety. Along the way she bravely faces all sorts of dangers while seeing Steve more as a man than as a soldier.

Steve Ellis left his bad childhood behind to join the Australian Army fighting in the South Pacific. Surviving an attack, he admires the nurse who cares for him. When he is ordered to transport her to safety, Steve learns to desire the brave and beautiful woman.

When the war separates the two, Kate believes Steve is dead. She finally starts rebuilding her life, including an engagement to Dr Paul Hopwood when fate brings Steve back to her. Paul, however, isn’t about to let another separate him from what he wants, and he is willing to lie and deceive to get Kate.

A sensual story, Jungle Heat is definitely a romance that makes one feel for the hero and heroine. The interaction between Kate and Steve is excellent. The fight scenes are well written, as were the horrors of Steve’s childhood. I was moved by the way Steve and Kate handled the terror of the jungle and war and this keeps their actions reasonable. Paul is almost too villainous but his part of the plot is important, if extreme. The dialogue is mostly time appropriate, with the racial slurs of the day, but the minor lapses into modern slang were a bit distracting. This is a good book for those who love military romances and I am expecting more good stories to come from Mr. Cooke.

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