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ISBN#: 9781606013991
March 2009
Siren Publishing, Inc.
119 Pages
Contemporary/Erotic Romance
Rating: 5 Cups

Julia is trapped by circumstances and unable to see a way out. She is pregnant by her husband, but they have never been intimate. In desperation her husband turns to his friends for help.

Caleb is remarkably drawn to his friend and teammate’s pregnant wife. Shockingly Julia’s husband has revealed that he is gay. Unsure of what this new revelation means for their future, Caleb is determined that he will be the one to help Julia and her child any way he can.

Julia and Caleb are attracted from the very moment they meet. Julia has been hurt many times in the past by the man who is supposed to love her. Caleb is scared that she will never recover, and Julia is afraid that Caleb is uninterested in being her knight.

The characters in this story are unique and the close-knit unit is amazing. I found Julia and Caleb to be very realistic characters. The men in this story make the reader want to believe in real heroes that will do whatever it takes to keep their loved ones safe. Stormy Glenn has created a diverse series of characters that are all fascinating in their own right and encourages the reader to read the stories in order to experience all the characters.

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