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Sharon Horton
ISBN 0-7599-4683-3
July 2004
Hard Shell Word Factory
E-book Price: $5.00
Print Price: $10.95
Romantic Suspense
152 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Sharon Horton’s Jinxed is a really good suspenseful romance from Hard Shell Word Factory. A straight romance, (no actual sex) I really enjoyed this wonderful book.

Jinxed is the interesting story of widowed teacher Kendra Duchaine, and the police officer she turns to for help, Lieutenant Cavendish “Jinx” Jenkins. A powerful local politician is stalking Kendra, and Jinx is not sure he can protect her as he should and is angry at his perceived helplessness.

Jinxed is a detailed book that grabbed my attention from the beginning. The dialogue is compelling, but if I was really picky there was one cliché scene, but one is far less than most romances. I mention this only to let you know that while Jinxed is not perfect, it is a really good book.

I was wholly impressed with Kendra and Jinx’s interactions and how their relationship developed and matured. Both have known real love, and together they moved forward with admiration and respect for each other and for their late loves; this aspect of the book was especially well done. The supporting characters stay in the background with Kendra and Jinx remaining the book’s focus. Another big plus for the book was the well written and scenery descriptions, the attention to detail was excellent. Readers will be able to sense the woods and the water; this facet of the book was written so complete, but never bogged me down.

Jinxed is a terrific, sweet, and suspenseful romance, especially for fans of “second chances at love” stories. Jinx is great, and a keeper. I truly enjoyed this book.

Anya Khan
Reviewer for Karen Find Out About New Books and
Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance


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