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ISBN # 978-1-60168-036-5
April 2007
Aspen Mountain Press
267 Pages
Rating: 5 Cups

Amy Worth's fiancé has just left her at the Alter and taken off with another woman. She is financially strapped after being left with a new business and a house in desperate need of repairs. She throws herself into another relationship that could be more trouble for her. The only bright side lately has been meeting her neighbor, Falon, and becoming fast friends.

Falon O’Malley has led a very tumultuous life. She is a transsexual; now all woman after leaving her life as a man behind her. Estranged from her family, she has changed her name and has a gaggle of other problems going on in her life. Meeting Amy has given her a friend she can count on.

As different as these two women are, they forge a lasting friendship that stands the test of time. Each woman is plagued by issues with the men they choose, as well as with personal issues such as self-doubt and self worth. Throughout their trip through life’s difficulties, both good and bad times, they rely on each other for support hoping to finally know peace and be truly happy.

This is an amazing story of love, life, losses, and gains that all of us face in our lives. Sometimes we do not make wise choices and have to live with the consequences. Jilted will touch every emotion you have. I found myself needing the tissues more than once. This is a poignant story of two women, each strong in her own way, but vulnerable at the same time. Rich secondary characters round out this story beautifully. This is wonderful story from Ms.Edmondson.

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