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ISBN: 9780451223104 /9780451224644 /978143200165 /9781436200172 / 9781436200158
March 4, 2008-Hardcover/March 3, 2009-Paperback/March 4, 2008-eBook
New American Library, a division of Penguin Group (USA) Inc.
336 Pages-Hardcover/316 Pages-Paperback/336 Pages-eBook
18-And Up/ Praise
Rating: 5 Cups

Jessie Belle Holt goes after what she wants, and nobody will stand in her way. Even at the tender age of eighteen, she has found the secret to her personal success: her body and her beauty.

Traynor Deveraux is one of those men who can command a podium even when he is quiet. As a pastor for his church in Atlanta, he has traveled to Mayville, Georgia, as a guest minister for their local Baptist church. When he sees Jessie Belle, he falls under her beautiful spell, like most other men have.

What follows is a whirlwind courtship and marriage, giving Jessie Belle the ticket out of town she has been hoping for. Soon Jessie Belle is up to her old tricks of manipulation, blackmail, bullying, and even owning a prostitution ring. She will go to any lengths necessary to get what she wants, and her vision of being a prosperous and influential wife will come to fruition no matter what. What will happen when Traynor realizes his beautiful wife is no better than Jezebel, willing to use her feminine wiles to get her way, no matter if the outcome is death?

Jezebel is a beautiful and emotional journey through the eyes of a manipulative, spoiled rotten woman willing to do just about anything save adultery to get her way. Ms. Thomas brings her characters to life with a vivid imagination and scenes that are so crystal clear I could actually feel the hate coming from Jessie Belle’s victims. I did not see Jessie Belle as an evil person to begin with, but as the story progressed and her plans became more devious, I could not believe what I was reading. I think what made this story all the more emotional was how blind Traynor was to his wife’s activities, and later, as she was doing things that could ultimately ruin his ministry, he was trying to get her to become the wife he wanted her to be. With this story that spans a lifetime, you will find yourself enraptured by the Deveraux family life and how twisted this woman is.

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