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ISBN# 978-1-59426-901-7
June 2007
238 Pages
Rating: 2 cups

N is a nu-jazz singer living in the UK and quite happy with her life, well, most of it that is. She is not so happy with boyfriend, and long-time lover, Andrew since he cannot seem to satisfy her sexual appetites. She is considering this dilemma when her life takes on a drastic change.

Andrew is a blocked and in debt artist. He begins to consider working with a Russian artist that he suspects might be involved with the Russian mafia. He also considers other things that under normal circumstances he would never think to do.

When Dazarev, one of Andrew’s contacts, suggests that Andrew corrupt N, Andrew goes along with the idea. However, N takes the corruption a step further, and even though her conscience pricks her often, she dives headfirst into the underbelly of her sexuality. Andrew also begins to sink to lower levels in a sexual sense. Neither are faithful any longer to the other. Will they survive this journey, or be destroyed by it?

I usually have very clear cut ideas about how I want to rate a book, but this one was one of my most difficult. The author is clearly a gifted writer with the ability to draw her readers into her story. Sadly she also seems to want to drag them mentally and emotionally through a quagmire of dark emotions, and sexual torture. I often found myself mentally cringing while reading, and I literally had to force myself to finish this book. Intermixed throughout is the battle between good and evil, and while towards the end there seems to be a glimmer of hope, there is no real resolution. In addition, what the reader has to go through in order to get there just is not worth it in my opinion.

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