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ISBN # 9781419917714
August 15, 2008
Ellora's Cave Publishing
157 Pages
Rating: 2 Cups

Jane Chartraine needs the extra money, so she figured how hard could it be to spend 48 hours in an old mansion to prove that it was not haunted? Besides, it is not like she believes in ghosts, right? But the mansion is haunted and she lands right in the middle of a murder, and the ghost became real.

Pierce Newland is chained to the mansion, forced to relive his murder over and over. That is until Jane sees him and his stepmother arguing and that his stepmother intends to kill him. Jane steps in and manages to touch him, which brings him back to life. Not knowing how long this may last, he intends to take full advantage of being alive again.

Jane cannot believe what has happened and that she and Pierce have such a connection that they already have formed a bond neither want to break. Now they need to prove that he is the heir in order to gain what is rightfully his. Not to mention that his step mother is still trying to find away to kill him for good. Is this fairy tale going to have a happy ending, or will Pierce lose his life for a second time?

Jane's Prize started out interesting enough, but as I read on, things just did not add up. I felt many statements were not consistent and changed from one page to the next. It was hard to believe the actual story could take place. I did, however, enjoy the basic plot. I thought that it was a great idea for a story, but was sorely disappointed. As this is only one opinion I would say to the reader use your own preferences to make a choice to read this book or not.

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