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ISBN#: 978-0-8249-4771-2
February 2009
Guide Posts Books
PO box 5815, Harlan, IA 51593-1315
Trade Paperback
320 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Emma has always believed in Jane Austen and happy endings, that is, until she found her husband having sex with her TA on her kitchen table. Her beliefs are seriously challenged.

Adam was in love with Emma ten years ago, but she married their sleazy advisor. He is willing to help her pick up the pieces, but is still a bit angry at her treatment of him.

Emma was a respected professor and scholar of things Austen. She was married to another scholar and thought they were happy until she found him having sex with her TA. To make matters worse the little tramp claimed that she plagiarized a paper, so the end of her marriage was also the end of her career and her reputation. She takes the last of her money and flies to England to find herself and the real Jane Austen. She is brought there by a letter from a mysterious Mrs. Parrott. That formidable lady has a series of tasks for her to complete. Another surprise is the other guest in her cousin’s house, her old friend Adam, who has not spoken to her since her marriage.

I really enjoyed this story and learned quite a bit about Jane Austen in the process. I loved Mrs. Parrott and the idea of the Formidables guarding Austen’s secrets. Emma is a great character who tries to reinvent herself after her world is pretty much destroyed. Adam was a good friend who wanted to be something more, but never really put himself forward. The trips to the various places important to Austen were very enlightening, and Emma discovers what is really important. I was a little disappointed in the ending because I wanted more closure, and I wanted to see Edward and the TA get what they deserved, but other than that the book is really enjoyable.

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