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ISBN # 978-1-934678-52-7
February 2008
Tease Publishing LLC
102 Pages
Paranormal mystery
Rating: 3 Cups

Jaclyn Jade has died, only she did not go to heaven or hell. She has ended up somewhere in the middle. She a choice; go straight to Hell, or find out why she did not go directly to heaven. If she finds that answer, she can go to heaven. Only she was murdered, which makes things more complicated.

Logan is a ghost who helps Jaclyn learn what she needs to about the spirit world; how its rules work and what she can and cannot do. While he helps her, he is painfully reminded why he is where he is. Morgan has physic abilities; she has been able to hear the dead for as long as she can remember. Overhearing Logan and Jaclyn, she manages to get in the middle of helping two ghosts find a killer.

Logan and Jaclyn enlist the help of Morgan to help them find out who killed Jaclyn, and why. Only people are questioning why Morgan is acting so strangely, leaving many questions besides who the killer is. Will these ghosts and a mortal be able to bring justice to a senseless killing?

Jaclyn’s Ghost is a slightly amusing story. I enjoyed the banter amongst the characters and even the storyline is a great concept; certainly not one I have seen before. However, I just could not seem to “connect” with the story. It just seemed a bit flat to me. I would probably recommend the book by adding choose by your own reading preferences.

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