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October 2005
ISBN 1-59836-037-x
Venus Press
145 Pages
Faery Fantasy Anthology
Rating: 4 Cups


Roan is a man who has always believed in Faeries, despite the jibes of his friend William. That belief has kept him going when he would have given up. One day he meets a beautiful faery and falls in love. Feeorin wants to be with Roan; but to do so, either she must become mortal or he must become faery. He does not want her to sacrifice her immortality. They can not be together until he has written down all of their stories, so that they will never be forgotten.

This is a moving and sometimes sad story about a lonely man and a beautiful faery who must honor their obligations before they can be together.

Something Faery Special

Falon is on her first trip to Ireland when her rental car breaks down in the middle of nowhere. Three men stop and offered to help. They help rob her, beat her, and rape her, until a huge hunk of a man roars up on his motorcycle and scares them away. Rory, the leader of the Faeries, has been protecting the fey and their land for many years. For sport, he seduces mortal women during tourist season. Falon is beautiful and more than willing, but he wants more from her than just a fling during her vacation.

This is the best story of the anthology. Falon and Rory find true love does exist despite their differences.

The Inheritance

Maggie is watching television one night when a program featuring a princess who finds her way into Faerie bewitches her. She finds herself envying the princess and wondering what will happen to her handsome brother-in-law. Rupert, younger brother of a king of Faery, envies his brother his new bride, and wonders if there is someone out there for him. He takes a walk and sees a beautiful woman in a paper crown.

This short work finds a woman getting very involved in a television program, and a faery prince finding the woman of his dreams.

The three stories have a shared theme of humans falling in love with the Fey. In the first, a man has to finish his self-appointed task of writing down their stories before he can be with his love. In the second, a Faery leader realizes humans are more than toys when he meets his soul mate. In the last story; a disillusioned woman who wants to believe, finds herself in her own fairy tale. All three stories are well written with very vivid descriptions and characters. This is a great anthology for lovers of faery tales.

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