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ISBN# Not Available
September 2006
Wild Rose Press
55 Pages
Historical Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

One night at White’s, the four most infamous rakes in London make a wager on who will have Lord Convy’s beautiful niece. Lord Ackerly forcefully keeps anyone else from the lovely Angel, whom he has known from childhood. The Marriage Curse has begun.

Lord Convy’s niece Angel has always had a crush on Everett, Lord Ackerly, but has never dared hope he could think of her as anything more than the child in pigtails who trailed after him.

Everett is not ready for marriage, but the thought of his friends taking advantage of the beautiful Angelique has made him unreasonably angry.

This is a classic type of Regency, well done and with great characters, an innocent who has been in love with a rake her whole life and the arrogant rake who finally notices just how beautiful his childhood friend has become.

Veronica Fraser has never fit in with London Society. She is too tall, in addition, Scottish, her hair is too red and she dresses in vibrant colors. She has given up all hope of a match and wishes that her guardian would give up.

Will, Lord Fawnsworth, has been drawn to Veronica since their one dance many years ago but is reluctant to give up his rakish career. Veronica, however, never leaves his thoughts and the Wager spurs him to act on his feelings.

This story is a little more far fetched, but the characters are, if anything, better than the previous story. Veronica is a much stronger character and Will is very appealing as he loses his struggle to remain a rake.

Violet Stanton has been sold to Lord Greenfeld for a flock of sheep. Her father had been holding out for an earl but settled for the less than desirable lord. When Violet runs away to avoid her marriage, she runs straight into Geoffrey, Lord Wolverton’s carriage. A kiss from this man nearly ruined her years before, but his carriage is her only avenue of escape.

Geoffrey was not merely playing with Violet all that time ago; his intentions were honorable. However, her greedy father then rejected him as a mere viscount and a rake. He is not going to let this opportunity slip by.

Violet and Geoffrey seem destined to be together, despite her father. I loved their chemistry and Violet’s spunk.

Simon, Lord Grange, is fed up with the romantic turn his friends’ minds have taken. Desperate to avoid “the Curse”, he flees to his home in the country. Imagine his surprise when he finds that he has been married for the past six years!

Proxy in a ceremony arranged by their fathers married Beatrice to Simon. She has given up hope of meeting her husband. When he does finally appear, Simon, to say the least, is a surprise. Whether a pleasant one or not, she has yet to decide.

Another classic Regency plot; two people married by proxy and not by choice. I liked how the beautiful Beatrice stands up for herself. Simon is understandably surprised to be married and the dialogue that ensues is very good. I think that this is my favorite of all the stories.

This is a well-crafted collection of Regency romance stories, all centered on the infamous wager at White’s. The author has captured the period and its people very well and has created vivid and memorable characters. The common theme holds the entire collection together very well.

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